Administrative Structure of the NYSC

The National Youth Service Corps is administratively structured within the framework of the NYSC Act aimed at achieving its set objectives. The Structure is as follows:


The National Governing Board also known as the Directorate is at the apex and the highest policy-making organ of the Scheme. The Board comprises of the following ten members, appointed by the President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces:
  1. A Chairman
  2. One representative of the Committee of Vice-Chancellors
  3. One representative of the Committee of Rectors of Polytechnics
  4. One representative of the Chief of Army Staff
  5. One representative of the Inspector-General of Police
  6. One representative of the Nigerian Employers Consultative Association
  7. Three other persons, one of whom shall be a woman
  8. The Director-General


The Directorate shall
  1. Draw up detailed programmes of training and schedules which shall be designed for achieving the objective of the service corps
  2. Ensure that such programmes and schedules are strictly adhered to
  3. Maintain regular contacts with all universities, polytechnics and colleges in Nigeria and abroad where applicable
  4. Assign members of the service corps to the programmed in the states as provided by the Directorate
  5. Co-ordinate the work of the State Governing Boards in furtherance of the objectives of the Decree
  6. Assess and review, from time to time, the progress of the service corps
  7. Make and submit all statutory and other reports as may be required of it to the presidency
  8. Have the power to appoint (including power to appoint on promotion and transfer and confirmation of appointments) advance, terminate and discipline employees holding or acting in any office in the Directorate


There are NYSC offices in all the States and the Federal Capital Territory. Just like it exists at the national level, each state and the Federal Capital Territory has a Governing Board which consists of the following members:
  1. A chairman who shall be appointed by the State Governor/Minister of the Federal Capital territory
  2. A member of the Armed Forces of the Federation
  3. A member of the Nigeria Police Force
  4. Five other persons who shall be appointed from among persons concerned with the following sectors of the Nigerian economic at least one of whom shall represent
    • Commerce and industry
    • Agriculture and natural resources
    • Local government
    • Education
  5. The State coordinator of the service corps
With the exception of the State Coordinator, all members of the State/FCT Governing Board shall be appointed by the State Governor/FCT Minister.

Each NYSC Secretariat is headed by a staff of the NYSC on Grade Level 16 known as State Coordinator. The State Coordinator is in-charge of the day to day administration of the Scheme at the State/FCT level and is assisted by Assistant Directors at the State Secretariat and Zonal and Local Government inspectors at the Zonal and Local Government Areas.


  1. Arranging and providing accommodation, boarding, transportation, and providing other facilities which are essential for the welfare of the service corps and success of the scheme in the State.
  2. Assembling reports on members of the service corps and transmitting them.
  3. Arranging the provision of facilities for orientation and winding-up exercises.
  4. Coupling information on such opportunities as may be for employment in the States.
  5. Deploying corps members of the service corps within the State.


The Director-General is appointed by the President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. He is the Chief Executive and is charged with general responsibility for matters affecting the day-to-day running of the service corps. In accordance with Section 5(3) of the NYSC Act, the Director-General is assisted by Directors at the National Directorate Headquarters and State Coordinators at the State Headquarters.

The office of the Director-General Comprises of the following Units:
  1. Reforms
  2. Legal.
  3. Audit.
  4. Press and Public Relations.


The National Directorate Headquarters has eleven Departments, each of which is headed by a Director on grade level 17. Each of the Departments is further divided into Divisions which are headed by Deputy Directors on grade level 16. Each Division comprises of branches headed by Assistant Directors on grade level 15. The Departments and their branches are as follows:
  1. Human Resource Department

    1. Human Resource Planning Division.
    2. Career Management Division.
    3. Training and Executive Development Division.
    4. Staff Welfare & Industrial Relations Division.
    5. General Services Division.
  2. Corp mobilization

    1. Evaluation Division.
    2. Mobilization Division.
    3. Deployment Division.
  3. Corp Welfare and Inspectorate

    1. Corps Welfare Division.
    2. Corps Insurance Division.
    3. Corps Inspection Division.
    4. Corps Discipline and Merit Division.
    5. Corps health Division.
  4. Skills Acquisition AND Entrepreneurship

    1. Skills Acquisition Division.
    2. Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Division.
  5. Community Development Service

    1. Community Development Service Division.
    2. Scheme collaboration Division.
    3. Special Projects Division.
  6. Finance and Accounts

    1. Budget Division.
    2. Account Division.
  7. Planning, Research and Statistics

    1. Policy and Planning Division.
    2. Research, Statistics & Library Division.
    3. Project Monitoring & Evaluation Division.
    4. Technical Assistance Division.
  8. Information Communication and Technology

    1. Data Management Services Division.
    2. Hardware & Software Development Support Division.
  9. Corps Certification

    1. Exemption Division.
    2. Certification Division.
    3. Verification Division.
  10. Ventures Management

    1. Arable farms.
    2. Factories.
    3. Mills.
    4. Animal Husbandry.
  11. Procurement

    1. Capital Procurement Division.
    2. Recurrent Procurement Division.